About Me

"creating art is like salted caramel for my soul"

So I confess, I am a total night person that still needs to be up early! Which leads to my addiction to really great coffee! (sad fact, I really cannot make a great coffee like I wish, and truly enjoy a great coffee shop that can get it right for me!)

We have a coffee mug in our home that says

"Starter Fluid"

And it is pretty much the truth around here! I saw a mug that said "but first, coffee" somewhere....... that one is more like me, I should have bought it!

Most days find me in the studio. It is truly my "happy place" where I can get completely lost in time trying to put my vision onto beautiful papers, canvas', wood, and more! Being an artist fills a deep seated need inside of me that is always shouting "create something", so that's what I do. I may be streaming music or a podcast, but honestly, I could go many days with no added noise whatsoever. No music, no TV, no phone would be wonderful, but I guess I should be somewhat realistic right?!


I LOVE what I do, and I truly hope that you see a piece of artwork here, or anywhere out in the world, that makes you pause for a moment and enjoy the view.

I would LOVE to talk with you more!

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