About Me

So I confess, I am a total night person that still needs to be up early! Which leads to my addiction to really great coffee! (sad fact, I really cannot make a great coffee like I wish, and truly enjoy a great coffee shop that can get it right for me!)

We have a coffee mug in our home that says

"Starter Fluid"

And it is pretty much the truth around here!

Most days you can find me in the studio either watercolor painting or creating amazing fluid artwork pieces to show the world. It is truly my "happy place" where I can get completely lost in time trying to put my vision onto beautiful watercolor papers, canvas', wood, and more!

Delivering a quality product, working hard for you with professionalism and honesty are just a few of the cornerstone's of good business principles that I feel strongly about.

I LOVE what I do, and I truly hope that my client's feel that throughout every encounter they have with my studio, myself, or my team!

I would LOVE to talk with you more!

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