Photoweek Challenge!


Hello, I'm Michelle, and I have been a Wedding and Portrait Photographer for 15 years. I also just built a 1400square foot studio space devoted entirely to Dog Photography! Unfortunately, as we were about to launch that new portion of our business, the virus hit and we were put on complete hold. As a non-essential business things have been pretty darn boring around here. I'm caught up on all things wedding/Dogs, and have tons of great social media posts ready for when we can open the new studio!

Inspired by my 3 nieces between the age of 8 and 15 I decided to send them on a week long photo walk challenge. As a result, I too have been participating in the game!! We are having so much fun trying to use our imaginations and create something beautiful and artistic from the 5 days of "searching"! I wanted to share my simple little week long challenge with anyone out there who might enjoy this, and although the short instructions are written so a younger child can "get it", this really is a great boredom busting challenge for ALL AGES!


Have fun, and I would LOVE to see what you come away with. And remember, if you need help I am here for you!